Sushi Go Party!

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Played it just the once so far but the variety and ease of play is incredible. It is going to have a MUCH longer life now. It was possible that the family MAY have tired of the small tin game but this will give us years of fun. Thanks Game Wright! ---------- Still proving to be such a wonderful little game. Just when you think you have identified some cards that are not fun to play with, you have a situation come up where they are perfect!


Simple card drafting game with lots of replayability. Fast games for up to 8 players. Lacks the long term planning of 7 Wonders.


Great little game. Few rules to teach and super cute. The 'Party' edition provides lots of variety.


Fantastic, relatively short and simple family-style card game. Really hits the spot for a casual play or filler, scales well, and accommodates young and old, experienced players and novices alike – a rare combination!


Might be one of our most played games. I got it for my wife for Christmas last year and we played multiple times per day and night over Christmas break.


Not sure why so many people rave about this game. It is okay, but doesn't seem special in any way.


Drafting mechanics are fun, but not as the entirety of the game. Fun and cute though for a big group.


Itch: Large-group filler


Not too much of a challenge and the experience is pretty similar every time. Win or lose it doesn't feel much different. A pleasant game, though.


Great game to introduce folks to the card drafting mechanic. Easy to teach and quick to play make this a real winner all around.


7.8 / 2-8p Best 4-6 / 20m / Family 29 / 1.28


One of the best group games ever. A hit every time! I just wish the cards were better quality.


Completely replaces Sushi Go in the best possible way. Almost all the new foods are just as easy to play with, but the card interactions are so much more interesting now. Production on the board and tiles is phenomenal. An excellent drafting game.


Simple card drafting with plenty of options for replayability. Has run it's course for family but still gets played every now and then.


A clear improvement over Sushi Go. The easiest setup is simpler. The hardest setup is deeper. Easy to teach (though scoring can be a bit tricky for totally new players) and the theme reinforces the mechanics. The skill of guessing what other players are going for is easy to understand but hard to master.


2-8 player (best 4-5) 30 minutes


A fun, quick, simple game. And the artwork is really cute.


A fun, quick, simple game. And the artwork is really cute.


Lots going on here


This is a huge improvement over the original sushi go. The variability results in every game being new and interesting. This has worked well with many non-gamer types for us.


A cute, good filler.


Fun little game that I fear will get overplayed.


Great fun with larger amount of people. Suitable for all ages and skill levels.


Not horrible by any means - I would just choose almost anything else in my collection, especially with Steampunk Rally being a better beginner drafting game.


A good game but super basic, if people can count they should look at a deeper drafting game. Loses points for being bad at 2


Play-and-win from Public Library Game Day.


(+) Plays fast regardless of player count (simultaneous actions), variable setup with menu tiles, simple scoring, easy to pick up for new players, adorable artwork (-) 7 Wonders does everything this does better (other than being more approachable for new players), low player interaction for a group game, kind of long to set up for something so light, tin box




Takes Sushi Go and adds in some new twists and replayabilty. If you play Sushi Go a lot, then buy this to keep it fresh (no one likes rotten old fish after all).


(12/16) 7. Great entry level drafting game. Very fun and simple. (9/17) 7. A fantastic game that should be higher, but we've sort of burnt out on it.