Bruxelles 1893

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Unnecessarily complex game. It feels like it tries too hard to be a "serious game" and adds complexity for complexity's sake. It is probably a fantastic game for those that care more about the puzzle and the mechanics of a game and appreciate obtuse systems. It clearly wasn't for us.


Lots of interlocked mechanisms that work well together. Very interesting to play and some truly agonizing decisions. Rewards both long term planning and short-circuiting those plans as better quick options show up. It also played surprisingly fast. The artwork is great, just like Troyes.


A really enjoyable experience with lots of different decisions to make. Not to difficult to play, but with a wide variety of choices. It was probably one of the most difficult games I’ve ever had to teach, but it is fairly straight forward to play when you get going. The production quality if good and the illustrations have a very fantastic style.


Received in trade 5/17