Zombicide Set #5: Moustache Pack #2


A group of three optional promotional survivors and their zombivor counterparts available to those that raise an extra amount on their pledge for the Zombicide Season Three Kickstarter campaign. Survivors include:

Dick (The Undertaker)
"Need Grandma buried quick? Come see Dick!"

Voted Undertaker of the Year three years running, Dick Johnson's chain of cut-rate funeral parlors consistently buried the competition. When the dead actually rose, Dick hid in one of his own custom-made coffins for three days hoping to ride it out. Reemerging in to a dead world and realizing that since nobody died anymore he was now the most useless man on Earth, Dick threw himself into the business of survival with the same vigor he displayed in building his one-man empire of the dead. Dick's knowledge of anatomy, embalming chemicals, and obscure undertaking lore will prove invaluable to any group he joins.

Leroy (The Accountant)
"Be sure to itemize that, won't you?"

Leroy always knew he wanted to be an accountant, and he worked hard to make his dream a reality. The day he became a Certified Public Accountant was the greatest of his life. All was well in his world of spreadsheets and PowerPoint presentations until he went on a mandatory teambuilding exercise set deep in the woods. The teambuilding exercise involved paintball and copious amounts of alcohol, and Leroy woke the next morning with a hangover and a Mohawk. Unfortunately, the zombies chose that day to attack. The sole survivor of his slaughtered team, Leroy traded in his paintball rifle for the real thing. His transformation from mild-mannered accountant to cold-blooded killer has been nothing short of astounding.

Paul (The Reality TV Star)
"Ever been kicked by a giraffe? They're nasty critters."

Discovered by TV producers during $2 Pitcher Night at his local bowling alley, Paul hit the big-time in the African Safari Journey reality show, leading his team to a fourth place finish. His star rose as he starred in the inevitable sequels and reunions. When African Safari Journey was cancelled Paul hit the skids, and was working as a short-order cook at a a local diner when the dead rose. Taking charge, he led his terrified patrons to safety. Paul doesn't have many useful survival skills, but people respond to his leadership skills and irascible persona. The world needs a hero, and Paul is glad to play the part!


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