Ascension: Deckbuilding Game

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Good game, but lots of expansions to keep up. Prefer the app.


While Thunderstone did away with many of the things that irked me most about Dominion (the all-consuming importance of deck thinning, the endless draw-draw-action-draw-... turns), Ascensions emphasizes them. So, not for me.


[color=#CC0000] I expected god-slaying. There was no god-slaying in my copy. This game would absolutely jump with a first-to-the-top endgame condition. Get as tough as you can as quickly as you can, then claim the throne. The player on the throne gets a defense bonus for anyone attacking him. Each player goes for the throne when they choose; last man on the throne wins. That should-I-stay-or-should-I-go aspect would add some heat to what is otherwise an accounting session. Honestly, this is half a game. Given its theme and overall concept it needs something to pull the players together. S. [/color]


Standard deckbuilder. I'm not a huge fan of the theme. I'd rather play Dominion. I own a digital copy.


An interesting twist on the Dominion game model. I liked the variability of the way the cards came out, but I worry that there's an easy way to ensure victory. Definitely merits another play.


An interesting twist on the Dominion game model. I liked the variability of the way the cards came out, but I worry that there's an easy way to ensure victory. Definitely merits another play.


by Port

If I'm going to play a Deck Builder, I would much rather play Arctic Scavengers.


This one gets played a lot in my house.


Rarely play live now. always play virtual. No shuffling!


Deck building


Standard deck building stuff. Two different currencies. Nothing special here. Awful art.


Love the theme, not crazy about the art style. Significantly more fun than Dominion.


7.0 / 2p / 30m / 2010 / Strategy 370 / 2.15


This was my first deck builder purchased after playing Legendary. The game play is simple and easy to learn/teach to others. This is a great travel game. We used to take this along on a backpacking or camping trip, since the components are light and the board is non-essential to game play. On the downside, the game always felt somewhat repetitive and lacking in surprise factor. Ultimately, gave this game away to support Across the Board garage sale on BGG.


A solid deck builder, but surpassed by most games that came after it. Not bad, but all the other sets add more. It serves a role in my collection as a game to play with more casual players or as a dampener to add to other sets to dilute their mechanics.


Played the app, pretty standard deck builder


digital versie op ipad


Pretty good, and fun to play. I am a fan of the artwork. Each game feels the same though, and your deck never really feels like it's "working" like it does at the end of a Dominion game. I can't see any reason to play it over Dominion. I'll be trading this.


Played about 500 multiplayer games of this on mobile as well.


Small, thematic deck-building with a fantasy theme; everyone drafts cards into their deck from a small, constantly changing selection and tries to get the most points (either through collecting valuable cards or defeating monsters). The iOS version makes the game a fantastic, quick filler, but has almost been entirely replaced by Star Realms.


A rotating tableau of cards you can buy, instead of a fixed set you can plan a strategy around, is stupid and the worst trend in deck-building games. I'm so glad I learned Dominion first, or I might have never given the genre a second glance.


Finally a good deck-building game. Best with the first expansion!


It's not a great game. But it's a very good tool for introducing the deck-building genre.


One of the first deck builders I ever played, but even to this day it plays well and doesn't feel outdated. The honor pool being used to time the game with a rotating market makes this game infinitely better than Dominion in my own opinion.