Hunters of Arcfall


The planet of Arcfall has become overrun with dangerous creatures. Malfunctioning robots and savage beasts wreak havoc across the planet. Locals have taken to the services of anyone who will help – for a price of course. You are a bounty hunter seeking fame and fortune, but beware as other hunters will try to swoop in and claim your target as their own! Press your luck against other hunters in search of fame and fortune!

Hunters of Arcfall is a quick-playing dice and card game for 2-6 players. You start the game with players choosing a bounty hunter to play as. Players then take turns rolling dice to capture bounties; these bounties are shared amongst hunters so only the hunter who deals the final hit will capture the bounty. Only bounties that have been claimed are worth any points. You can claim bounties by ending your turn or continue the hunt and try to capture even more at the risk of losing anything you've earned. Each bounty is worth Fame and Fortune. You need Fame to win the game, but fortune will net you currency to purchase much needed Item Cards that help you manipulate the odds in your favor. Use your hunter's special ability to gain an extra advantage and press your luck if you think it's safe – you never know what lurks around the next corner.

A typical game of Hunters of Arcfall lasts between 15-45 minutes depending on the number of players and the point limit.

The expansion Tools of the Trade was initially planned as a separate item, but through Kickstarter funding, every copy of the game now includes this expansion. With Tools of the Trade, Hunters can purchase tools and items to help capture bounties or hinder their competitors.


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