Merchant of Venus

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I had high hopes given the designer's pedigree (Gunslinger, specifically) and I was not disappointed. The complexity is really quite manageable, especially for an 80's Avalon Hill game. I hate pick up and deliver games generally, but this one is so charming and fun. That said, the luck is non-trivial, and the game can drag if you play with too many (4 seems to be the upper limit) and/or if you can't get some early good routes. The quick start-up variant is most highly recommended. And solitaire works very well.


Finally built the "new" version with the improved graphics by Dathkadan. Awesome! I can't wait to play it. 2 games and giving a rating of 7. I think the higher rating has to do with the fact that I spent well over $100 and 3 months to build this game. So the rating is based on my sweat equity! Built on 2008/12/10. Traded this copy 2009-09-18 for: Hansa, Tombouctou, Domaine at Fallcon 22