Deep Sea Adventure

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This is a fun little press-your-luck style game that packs a big punch in a small package. Great for taking to the bar.


I suppose it's fun to see your opponents push their luck too far and fail. Other than that, it's not really very fun.


Light, fast push your luck game. Very groupthinky. Not sure what I think of it, but it's easy to teach, fast, and I would play it again. The box is cute and a lot of game fits in that tiny box. I wish the submarine was yellow though.


Played for 40 minutes. Everybody died and had 0 points.


This game is intense!! Simple mechanics to follow but nerve racking because of the oxygen. More often than not you feel like there is enough oxygen so you go deeper down, but then you turn around and some one else turned around sooner and all of the oxygen is running low, and you keep rolling low numbers...IT'S SO STRESSFUL!!!


My favorite pub game. You can explain the rules quickly, play quickly, and everybody has fun. Newbies always drown.


For a filler this is good, I'd rather play a more significant game though.


Watch your friends drown. It's fun!




Clever little push your luck game. Nice filler.


Fun, quick, simple game that anyone—kids and adults alike—can enjoy together!


So much fun packed in such a small box. It's always fun to play it as a filler.


A great game in the tiniest box I've ever seen. Each play sparks a lot of laughs and discussion. Ideal filter. I wish it could be played with more people. Tried it with 7, but it felt a bit short because round 3 had all the treasure in piles.


Hilarious, portable, fun.


Not really my kind of light filler, but cute.


A push your luck game, where you will die in the deep sea if you push your luck. It's a bit chaotic with six players.


Semi-coop push-your-luck in a tiny box. I prefer Incan Gold.


The way the game mixes press your luck, and player interaction (via air supply), is brilliant, and can easily catch players off guard. This plays to the game's strengths and prevents it from growing too simple or intuitive. Each round escalates very quickly as picking up treasure accelerates the reduction of air while also slowing down the divers. You can easily teach and play this gem in twenty minutes.


(12/16) 7. Great little game. Lots of tough, interesting push-your-luck decisions in a tiny box. (9/17) 7. Still really like it, still amazed there's so much game in that small box.


The best game in the smallest box. This push your luck game changes enormously depending on the experience of the players. It is wonderfully emotionally charged as players war with greed and despair, and frustration with other players who consume all the oxygen. Fantastic!