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Only playe...

by cysteine

Only played with 3, which is not enough to make it varied. Will definitely try with more.


Similar to...

by ekloff

Similar to Liar's Dice, but with the huge addition that players have agency in what cards to play into their piles. This change elevates Skull to a higher level of strategy and deception, which in turn make it a more enjoyable experience.


Quick fun bluffing card game

by adomescik

*** I play this using standard playing cards *** (+) Fast, low downtime, easy to teach, bluffing/bidding done right, creates tension during card reveal (-) Can wear out it's welcome if played too often, the name of the game can turn off some people from wanting to try it


Fun bluffi...

by KimchiTurtle

Fun bluffing game my SO really fell in love with at a game night. Her favorite game is Liars's Dice, and this one streamlines it in an enjoyable way for her.


Closest to gambling I've ever experienced

by justin_kim3

This was quite the game! It was relatively quick to learn and the games were very fast!


Simple & Fun

by gab927

The game is a very simplified version of BS. It's very easy to learn and to get others to play.


Flowers or skulls..

by jomark

I love the art for this game and the game pieces. Pretty easy to learn and feels like it takes a bit of chance to guess if others put down their flowers or skulls.


Solid bluffing game

by trentellingsen

I’m definitely not good at bluffing games but this is fantastic. It’s elegantly designed and playing with the discs and fun art makes it special.


(11/15) 8....

by markbesada

(11/15) 8. (10/17) Drop to 7. A pure, simply, clean bluffing game that I really love that hasn't been brought out nearly enough.