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Collector's Edition: I honestly skipped right over this game. I thought ehhh surfing who cares. I have never surfed before, I have no interest in the sport. So why even try the game right? WRONG!!! I kind of fell into this one at a convention. Saw some friends playing, they had a spot, so I jumped in. I am so glad that I did! I am a sucker for theme. This has a tremendous amount of just that! Not being a surfer, I cannot say this with 100% certainty, but this game is super engrossing and the theme gives players that sense of "surfing". This is a beautiful production all around. It is a very fun push-your-luck game. I consider it light to medium. Medium due to it being a tad fiddly keeping track of things etc. If you don't like push-your-luck games then you MAY not enjoy this. Although you can play ultra conservative and still be competitive. You aren't forced to push your luck. Unlike some games where that is the core mechanic, and sometimes ONLY mechanic. Some of the negative reviews are from people who pushed it and failed. So obviously that is the games fault??? ...I don't think so. Anyway, exceptional game! Don't make the mistake I almost made, and pass it by just because you don't think the theme interests you. HIGHLY recommended!