Clash of the Gladiators

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Exactly what I expected after reading the rules, and exactly what I wanted. The people who complain that there are no significant decisions probably don't realize that most of the interesting choices happen during setup, and then you're mostly watching the results unfold; but while doing so, you get to kill bears with dice. If that doesn't sound nifty to you, move along, there's nothing for you here.


I've lowered my rating to a 5 (from a 7). I can't get anyone interested in playing it. The structure of the game is a bit unusual. Initially players must make a lot of decisions... Which gladiator to recruit? Is the supply being depleted? Where should I place my teams? Should I grab a position on the arena floor or should I recruit a certain gladiator? Once these decisions have been completed, the game offers fewer decisions to make. Which team to attack with? Do you target a wounded unit? Or should you attack the leader? Attacking a fresh unit is often dangerous, so many will opt to attack the wounded unit. This leads to many folks stating this game plays itself after initial recruitment. Clash of the Gladiators is not a deep game. I enjoy a game of Call My Bluff, or Nur Peanuts. Clash of the Gladiators fits into that same sort of gaming slot, and it offers a fun themed dice battle. But I have traded my copy away - we never played it.


by 3MBG

Boring an uninspiring game that felt very mechanical and not a lot of fun