Space Base

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I like the game, the idea of getting points based on your opponent's dice is good, but I don't like the components and trackers. There are more cards to increase your victory point rather than your income, I don't like this as well.


Rating based on 1st play, which was quite alright. Purchased this one at Spiel 2019, now let's see if we can get this one to the table.


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Why do I like this so much and not Machi Koro? Space, obviously, but there are some nice design choices in Space Base that address some of the things I dislike about Machi Koro. I need to play a few more times to see if I'll eventually get bored but the large and random market is great and the game is just plain fun. It feels like you're constantly winning something even if you don't know what it is.


Sleeved with SleeveKings Plus: - Shy Pluto (Want)


I wasn't much looking for Machi Koro improved, but here it is. Pretty cute and inoffensive, but on first blush I find it rather difficult to conceive of the game being very well balanced--if you can get a points engine going on card rows 1-6 while others can't, that's the game right there.


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A good game that gives the illusion of being able to make smart choices, when really it's all up to luck. Which can be fun! But in that genre, I prefer Quacks.


Has much more hype than it deserves. Really kind of a dumb, not very fun game.


7.4 / 2-5p BEST 3-4 / 30-75m / 2018 / Family 173 / 2.10 (Dice Tower really liked it, Machi Koro killer, similar but better, Tom's #102 2018)


I had this game recommended several times before I finally bought it. Even then it took a while to make it off my shelf. I'm glad I did. In this game you host a fleet of star ships that give rewards every time you roll the dice. As you buy new ships you send the old ones out which then can collect rewards when other people roll the dice. Even the dice rolling mechanic has an elegant design. You can use the dice independently to get two smaller rewards or use the combined total for a (sometimes) better reward. I also felt like I was close to winning each game even when I lost.