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More please.


I love this as a solo game as well and it only improves with more players. Cooperation is way more important than you'd think at first, no matter your objective, as generating noise by soloing and not coordinating fixing the ship can quickly spiral out of control and kill everyone. The game absolutely delivers on the thematic aspect, and you are often running for your life or making last ditch efforts as the game ramps up. How exactly the situation evolves is often in your and your shipmate's hands regardless of luck (rooms explored, noise rolls, items scavanged), as each luck element can be adequately offset by proper teamwork and planning. Still haven't tried expansion characters and enemies or cooperative mode. I do have to dock something for the player elimination, although the game is still interesting to watch. With new players the game can be a bit too long, but subsequent plays are around 2-3 hours which is great. Setup and teardown are nothing to scoff at as well, but the functional original insert alleviates that somewhat. Still, I'm always willing to get this on the table.


Kickstarter version


Make one mistake and you'll pay, but in a cinematic way. You'll die, but it's still fun & epic.