Between Sun & Shadow: Second Edition (for Tiny Dungeon 2e)


Between Sun & Shadow 2e allows you to explore Siran, where half of the world lives in perpetual daylight, while the other experiences continuous darkness. The wondrous creations of master alchemists and clockwork engineers help create a thriving society, and a once forgotten magic known as Carving is being rediscovered. Those who unlock its secrets may be the ones to protect and preserve the Eternal Empire, or they may be the ones to end the reign of the One True King.

Between Sun & Shadow 2e is a sandbox-style setting. Filled with scores of Rumors that act as adventure hooks, it is up to you and your fellow players to explore what’s true and what’s false, who’s good and who’s bad. It is designed to be fully compatible with Tiny Dungeon 2e and the TinyD6 ruleset. It includes: