Shadow of the Emperor Board Game

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Played this a couple of times over at Mabiweb. I like it well enough, but there is lots of stuff going on that you have to keep track of. I have absolutely no idea what needs to be done to win this game right now.


Well-done and has some novel mechanics; but for the duration, I'd rather play something else. A bit ponderous, all things considered. [EDIT] What was I smoking? Clever and engaging, and unless people are playing very sub-optimally very dynamic. Lots of neat little levers to pull.


This is certainly an interesting game. There is enough going on here that isn't trivial. Actions one player takes may dictate very clearly what action you would take -- or not, depending on the circumstances. I find the game to be an "uber-Euro"... it's what I think of when I think of a Euro-game. This is Euro-game squared. Not a favorite, but certainly not a bad way to spend time with friends.


RECEIVED: 2016 (Bought 2nd-Hand) Like Colonialism or El Grande, this game gets flack for its art direction but I love the old, theme-less look of the board and cards. And, no surprise for me, the area majority mechanic is a winner. Other factors that make for extremely good game play is the aging mechanic, card drafting, and elections. I think there are also some fair criticisms of the game. The biggest one to consider is that, due to the elections, it only works at four players. I think there might also be runaway-leader/king-maker issues, which are more pronounced if you play points open like I prefer. While these criticisms along with the art are fair, I really don't care. However, the only thing that I find fault with the game is that it may be a little too long and, thus, too samey after a while. Maybe it would work better with one round less.


A good strategy game, but the play and story are pretty boring. For hardcore gamers only.