Shadow of the Emperor Board Game

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RECEIVED: 2016 (Bought 2nd-Hand) Like Colonialism or El Grande, this game gets flack for its art direction but I love the old, theme-less look of the board and cards. And, no surprise for me, the area majority mechanic is a winner. Other factors that make for extremely good game play is the aging mechanic, card drafting, and elections. I think there are also some fair criticisms of the game. The biggest one to consider is that, due to the elections, it only works at four players. I think there might also be runaway-leader/king-maker issues, which are more pronounced if you play points open like I prefer. While these criticisms along with the art are fair, I really don't care. However, the only thing that I find fault with the game is that it may be a little too long and, thus, too samey after a while. Maybe it would work better with one round less.


A good strategy game, but the play and story are pretty boring. For hardcore gamers only.