Eclipse: Rise of the Ancients Expansion

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Designer: Touko TahkokallioPublisher: Lautapelit.fiPlayer count: 2-9 (best with 4-6)Weight: Medium heavyMechanics: Area control / 4xSetting/theme: scifi Play time: 120-300 minutesExpansion adds material for 7-9 players, new techs, new ship parts and some other modules.Purchased this one together with the base game, still need to try both.


Excellent, well-thought out expansion. The added variety is wonderful. The additional rules overhead isn't onerous, but it is possible that this expansion brings the game into the nebulous realm of Too Many Bits.


I was pretty pleased with the addition of the new stuff. I think more plays will determine it's real value though.


This is an excellent expansion for the base game. I'm a huge fan of modular expansions like this as it facilitates bleeding the expanded material into the gameplay at a steady comfortable rate. Everything we've incorporated so far has been a pleasant boost to the gameplay and strategy. I'm particular find of the changes that nerf the missiles as several member of our group routinely focused on the developement of "Missile Boats" and have since had to diversify there strategies. The improved ancients are very interesting and can definitely redefine routes on the board when they pop up. The dreadnought especially changes how people approach the galactic center. It is far more imposing than its predecessor. The new races are all neat and play differently. The Warp Portsls are my favorite inclusion as they can dramatically open up the map and adjust the game state.


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