Letters from Whitechapel

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Tense, exciting two-player game -- but no doubt flawed. The more you play the more you want to solve the puzzle (win the game) and consequently the more choices become over analyzed. Possibly the game is too much in Jack's favor. Unique setting, clean mechanics, and fun gameplay greatly help make up for the fact that the game is slightly unfair.


by Jsil

Condition: Very good, only some marks on the corner of the box. Edition: Letters from Whitechapel ‐ English second edition (2012)


Played this at Gamex 2012 (Strategicon) Memorial Day Weekend in LA. To my dismay it is not available. A reprint is coming "soon". Oh the wait.


Want to play this one more. So far, I have loved every bit of it. Simple and tense. Need to try Fury to see if it replaces this. May not, since the play length seems to be double.


2-6 players (best 2) 120 minutes


This was a fun deduction game. Supporting 6 players seems a little dishonest, as some police pawns are likely going to be useless during the Hunting phase. Probably best with 2-4.


Great all vs one game. Series of deduction reasoning, cat and mouse, and race to location.


I love this game. I find The many vs one mechanic very appealing and love the balance of working together while Jack is listening to your logic and trying to turn it against you. My only complaint is that the wretched pawn phase seems clunky and unnecessary.


Pure hidden movement game. Doesn't do too much differently than other games like it and the board, while thematic feeling, is very bland to look at.


In Germany


Find Jack the ripper in Whitechapel, Blindfolded battleships!