Nuts in Space

A tactical game about the colonization of the galaxy by Angelo Porazzi.

Starting from their home planet 2-4 races explore the galaxy rolling dice.

Landing on a strange planet has its dangers though it can also be surprisingly helpful. In every case there are resources - the so-called "Nuts" - to be collected that are needed to build ships, find colonies and gain technological advantages.

Every round every player can take risks to increase the number of his actions. Whoever is brave enough, can also attack the facilities of other races in order to take over their colonies.

In the end, the player who has found the greatest number of colonies will be the ruler of the galaxy. AstroNuts is an easy to play dice game where you direct your ships through the Galaxy in order to collect resources from planets while simultaneously finding new colonies.

AstroNuts can be played tactically, without going too much in depth.


  • Galaxy game board
  • 12 AstroShips, three per color
  • 80 Resource coins (the "Nuts"), twenty per color
  • 60 Colonies (the pawns), fifteen per color
  • 2 D6 dice

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