The year is 1920. Beneath the surface of society, an ancient and enigmatic Church suppresses knowledge of the supernatural to protect the greater good of humanity and retain its grip on the world. Vast conspiracies with unknown ends move in the shadows — secret societies and ancient empires — and they seek to restore the lost, mystical power of ages past. Dark magic breeds monsters within the hearts of men, which break through to the surface and consume them. It falls to the hunters of the Church to destroy these monsters before they come to light.

Take on the role of a Church Hunter, a sworn defender of the world against the forces of darkness, in Seventh Cross and delve into the heart of evil as you explore your way through ever-changing castles filled with unique narrative. Meet mysterious and treacherous characters, do battle with terrible monsters, and confront the darkness in your own soul as you walk the narrow line between the pursuit of power and its ultimate cost.

Seventh Cross is a rogue-like exploration game for 2-6 players that combines elements of paragraph adventure games like Tales of the Arabian Nights and exploration elements like Betrayal at House on the Hill together to form a Castlevania/Bloodborne/Helsing sort of narrative adventure.

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