Kingdom Death: Monster

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Nice bits (or tits) but awkward and very unwieldy. Adam probably should have employed a writer to help him develop the story."Never has punching the balls off a lion produced so much paperwork.."


Here we go--at long last, Warhammer Quest has a modern incarnation. The strange thing is that the battle phase is definitely second fiddle to expanding your settlement, which I actually like. The game is heavy on fun paperwork, so if you like that sort of thing this game is for you. There is an intimidating amount of stuff on sprues, even before Kickstarter bonuses and expansions; but it's great fun as a (mediocre at best) mini builder to build your new custom survivors, and you only ever need one monster at a time so keeping things mostly WYSIWYG is not as daunting as one might initially think. This is a real winner, capturing narrative, theme, and interesting tradeoffs for an excellent campaign experience. The cost and minis construction can and should keep some people away, but if you can deal with those things, this is an experience worth trying. [EDIT] The Achilles heel of this as a game is the frequency with which you roll on tables whereby a 1 or a 2 results in instant death. It's not fun to have your settlement go from 12 population to 4 in one year due to event deaths (not combat deaths) that you did not seek. Judicious cheating, I think, is the only real recourse.


totally worth the price and wait.




Absolutely amazing game. I've been lusting over it for around a year now and finally bought it during the Black Friday sale. Had 3+ insanity and went pretty much all in with the Core, Expansions of Death and pledged the Blackest Bundle.


It was one of the first cost-heavy games that I came across and stayed faaaar away from it because there was so little about the actual game play out. I saw a demo and GenCon and BAM I jumped on that wagon. Really cool minis and really cool design element that I think I could get a group interested in and may be a gateway for me to get in to other tabletop style games.