The Red Dragon Inn

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Light game with fun player interaction, especially once you get to know the different characters. Should be even more fun once I add RDI2 with 4 more characters.Another "wife loves it" surprise game - I'm beginning to think she's a closet RPG'er ;-)


Fun, light hearted, card game


by paka

Um, quick pass-time. And can be very funny if people play a bit along (act in character etc )


Munchkin with drinking theme. I do like the random player decks but it takes zero skill to draw cards...hard pass


All that is terrible and wrong about random take-that card games; termination problems, arbitrary targeting, flukey balance, etc. etc. etc.


Almost a party game due to the theme and gameplay, but there's more thought possible about how to play, and player elimination. Be the last player to have money and not have alcohol content and fortitude meet. Not something I want to play a great deal, but a couple of times a month will be okay.


by 3MBG

Wow a beer and pretzels game that doesn't suck after one play? How did that happen?


Fun pub game. Would like to get the other sets at some point, but a very low priority right now.


I'm not a big "take that" fan, but at least the cards are cute and hand management is somewhat important. This also seems like it would work very well as a real drinking game (and playing with real money for that matter).


Very much a "Take that" game, with player elimination. Worse yet, they money grab with tons of expansions. First time I played this it was a lot of fun, now it seems dull. Can be a long game, especially if everyone leader bashes. This is seriously just Bang! without the hidden roles.


Played twice. Done. Maybe try it if you like Munchkin.


Fun game that game with great humor in the deck theming. My only concern is that all of the decks that I have seen seemed to have the same general type of card, in different proportion, and none had any sort of combos, which could be fun.


2-4 players (up to 12 with expansions) (best 4) 45 minutes


2-4 (2-8 mit RDI 3), 45m


This is a game I'm always willing to play, and it can be easily taught to new players. As long as you play with less then 6 players it's a great time. Once you go too far over that number though, the downtime just becomes unbearable, especially since there's player elimination.