Discoveries: The Journals of Lewis and Clark

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by t2

Gift to Sam, Dec. 2015. GCL:


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2-4 players (best 3) 60 minutes


sold at gen con 50 Entertaining game play that had a limited shelf life. after multiple plays, felt I had seen all that the game had to offer. pretty art.


Played Once. In great condition


I was not very impressed by this in my first play.


This game revolves around its amazing dice recall mechanism (the 'Rest' action). The decisions of when to recall dice, and where to recall them from, make up the heart of this game, and lend to the game's uniqueness and healthy player interaction. The recall mechanism is so strong that I've decided to play this strictly as a 4p game; not because its bad at two or three, but because it is immeasurably more enjoyable with a full expedition (and all of the dice). The American Indian cards offer a dose of engine/combo building, and challenge players to act efficiently. The game has proven to be a bit unintuitive for some, but once players learn how turns work, and how explorations are triggered, downtime becomes basically nonexistent, and play zips around the table. I only wish to have more of the American Indian abilities focused on dice manipulation rather than exploration, because those are far and away the most fun.