Now you can actually get credit for your wacky imagination. ThinkBlot, the latest game from Pictionary inventor Robert S. Angel, encourages players to see as many images as they can in inkblots (yup, just like the Rorschach test) on a card. Gameplay begins with the roll of a die that has both inkblots and categories on it. Roll a category (such as "animals" or "food") and players must search for objects related to the category. Roll an inkblot and anything goes. Points are earned for shared answers, and unique responses garner more. Collect bonus points for answers that match those concealed on the back of the card. But there's a catch, of course: Players can contest unique responses that they don't see in the inkblot. If you can persuade your opponents of your vision, you get two points; if not, that response doesn't count. Sliding markers keep score; the first player to get to the end of the board and back wins. Now, turn that card over and go crazy! For two or more players.

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