The second mini-expansion to Gear & Piston, it contains 2 Explosion tiles.

The two Explosion tiles are shuffled into the bottom half (roughly estimated) of the Junk Parts deck. If an Explosion tile emerges from the deck when refilling the Junk Yard the effect takes place immediately and the Explosion is resolved.

If a player draws an Explosion tile when drawing blind, then the player may decide to do one of the following:
1. Resolve the explosion immediately by showing it to all players and draw a new tile from the Junk Parts deck.
2. Keep the tile in hand for later use.
When a player decides to keep the tile in hand, then the player may then decide to discard it or resolve it during the “Adjust Volatility and discard a Blueprint” part of the “II. Resolve Actions” phase. If the tile is not used during the game, then it has no effect.

When an Explosion tile emerges from the Junk Yard deck or is revealed from a player’s hand, an explosion occurs. Players having the automobiles with the most Volatility must discard a part from their automobile. A player may choose the part to be removed but a junk part must be chosen if there are any in the automobile.

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Gear & Piston: Overheated

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