Assemble a great army of watchmen & protect the Tree of Destiny. Use special abilities & make tough choices. Card game for 2-4 players.

King Rowan, the supreme ruler of the land, wants to protect the magic tree of Destiny from people who might misuse its power. This tree is very special – whoever eats its fruit gains strength like no one else in the realm. This could be very dangerous especially if the kings from the neighbouring lands heard about it and tried to seize the kingdom from Rowan. The king is afraid, so he calls his closest advisors to his court and says: "My dear, wise advisors, you are the men I trust the most. I have a task for you. You shall go and find me the greatest army of 7 watchmen who will protect the Tree of Destiny. One of you who will manage to assemble the best army, will be given a great fortune. This is a very important task and I hope, it goes without saying, to keep it a secret. Now go. I rely on you."

Watchmen of Destiny is a card game for 2-4 players where you become the king's advisor and you try to build the most powerful army of watchmen. The King's reward is waiting for the best one!

You may hire watchmen of different species and classes. Each class has different special ability that will help you during the game. Hiring is not for free, you have to pay them to persuade them to join you. The player who hires 7 watchmen, and has the most valuable army, wins.

Be the best one and get the promised reward!

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Watchmen of Destiny

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