Flick Em Up!

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Played once at SpellenSpektakel. Was quite alright, although I'm not a big fan of dexterity games. Probably wouldn't buy it, but I'll play along.


Not many dexterity games in my library but this is one that is a load of fun. nothing is better than teaming up and going head to head with your friends feeling like you're in a western. Plus, this game is a WHOLE different ball game after a few drinks in.


Fun game, very exciting. Only game to ever get me jumping up and down fist pumping in the air. The grandchildren like it.


Give me a flicking game with a solid theme and I'm sold every time, and this one is great straight out of the (STUNNING) box. Sadly, the scenarios are all over the place, and no player count past 2 feels right.


This game is so much fun to play, no matter the player count. Component quality is great and the possibilities for fan campaign are endless!


It was fun for a few minutes, but way too long for what it was.


Borrowed from Joe!


Dexterity silliness. This is a toy, not a game. INCLUDED: Flick 'em Up! Stallion Canyon


Wood box version


2-10 players 30-45 minutes


Great for youth group, but this game is a bit too long.


this game really draws a crowd, I find that it is fun to bust out at a social night and see people really get into it. I have not played the campaign at all.


I don't generally get excited about dexterity games, but Flick 'em Up is a near exception. The various scenarios and well produced obstacles help develop the western setting, while useful tidbits like the rifle (a piece of cardboard that helps you shoot straight) make for some exciting finger flickin'. There are a surprising amount of rules on what you can and cannot hit, and how you can and cannot flick, but for the more casual crowd, just let your fingers fly and have a good time. Overall, a pretty good package, just not something I'd like to consistently spend time with.


Plastic version


(10/17) 6. Solid, cool flicking dexterity game. Enough game to make it interesting without being too much.