Discover: Lands Unknown

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I don't know if I always love all the tiny things to remember in Robinson Crusoe but as an experience it always sticks with me. Discover is reasonable but is completely devoid of character. Even if the random story stayed as bland as it is there are little touches that would help such as something more than a square with a number on it to represent monsters moving around the board. Even if it was always the same monster it would at least visually represent something more than "number 63". I can fix that with toys. I can't fix the fact that the mechanics are so transparent and that I don't care for the end goal of "manage dice roll results to beat numbers". Maybe the later scenarios are better but for the first few I haven't cared if I won or lost and the only fun part has been flipping land tiles and then revealing tokens. I do love surprises and treasure.


No sense of adventure, diosocvery, narrative, wonder, or joy here--hit random landmarks hoping to get the right keyword to advance the scenario. On top of that, the sheer lack of variety in the box is stunning. Charitably it has five scenarios, I'd be more tempted to say that it has two, and those two are not replayable.


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