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Yinsh board game


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Overall Rank: #501 | Trending Rank: #1071
YINSH is a tempestuous game! The players each start with 5 rings on the board. Every time a ring is moved, it leaves a marker behind. Markers are white on one side and black on the other. When markers are jumped over by a ring, they must be flipped, so their color is constantly changing. The players must try to form a row of 5 markers with their own color face up. If a player succeeds in doing so, he removes one of his rings as an indication that he has formed such a row. The first player to remove 3 of his rings wins the game. In other words, each row you make brings you closer to victory -- but also makes you weaker, because you have one less ring to play with. Very tricky!

GIPF is the first and central game of GIPF, a series of 6 games for 2 players. TAMSK is the second game, ZRTZ the third, and DVONN the fourth. And this is YINSH! The Project is a system that makes it possible to combine games -- not only the games of the project itself, but literally any game or challenge. This system is based on the use of potentials. Each game of the project introduces its own new potential into GIPF.

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  • One of the best abstracts around and the best of the GIPF series.
  • I'm normally not fond of abstracts, but this game is fun. Lighter and less serious than Chess. Therefore, I'm more likely to sit down for a quick 20 minute game of Yinsh. Components are good and nice to handle. This game can be taught quickly, so it has good newbie appeal.
  • Interesting game. Very Nice Components. I'd like to play it a few more times to see how everything works. It is an interesting game, and it plays pretty quickly, my not being a huge fan of abstracts definitely holds down its score a little, but this is one of the better ones of that genre.
  • 2 players onlyStill sitting on the shelf.....waiting to be played
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