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A strange game in that there's literally zero player interaction, but a funny thinky puzzle that's easy to introduce to sodoku fans people who don't enjoy conflict in games.


A strange game in that there's literally zero player interaction, but a funny thinky puzzle that's easy to introduce to sodoku fans people who don't enjoy conflict in games.


I think this might be the best of the Roll and Write's that I've played, and I've played quite a few of them. Easy to teach, easy to play, mechanics all make sense, light, fast. etc. It has a lot going for it.


Great game.+ Easy learn (despite the poor rulebook)+ Plays any number of players+ Variable set up - Rulebook has odd wording


Essen 18 shortlist


Lots of fun in this small box.


*Update* There's just no spark here, no life. Why do we love Avenue but can't make it through a game of Welcome To... without getting bored? In part it's because Welcome To... feels like it's all marketing (beyond just the theme of marketing a neighborhood) and no game. "Look at how commercial our game looks! Check a box!" Original comment: I dunno...I really want to like roll/draw-and-write games but none have won me over yet. Welcome To... doesn't seem to do anything special beyond the presentation so it's not the one to do the trick.


Enjoyed my first play a lot but on the second one I started having concerns about replayability. A lot of times we ended up picking the same card combo and even drawing or putting numbers in the same spot on our maps. The goals are just not that varied and there does not seem to be enough penalties for doing something wrong. Will need to give it another play and try the advanced rules. The nice theme initially pulls you in, but this game is definitely not perfect and seems like it's been overhyped quite a bit.


My go to roll (flip) and write game that I bring to family get togethers. Easy to teach and often leads to multiple plays in a sitting.


Awesome game both solo as well as in bigger groups. But you have to like games dont dont really need interaction with other players.


This is like the apotheosis of the lighter design trends of the past five years in Euros. Point-salad solitaire with not enough gambling to be random but not enough substantive push-your-luck to make trade-offs or interesting risk-taking.


Fun Roll & Write (technically with cards). Typically I play this kind of game solo, but this one is good enough that I've pulled it out with family and they enjoy it.


One of the more engaging Roll and Writes I've played. Though the medium itself is sometimes harder for me to get into than pushing cubes.


In this game you flip cards with numbers on one side and features on the other. You have to write the numbers sequentially into your subdivision trying to match and stack features for bonus points. As with most roll and writes there isn't much player interaction.


Great with all player counts. I also enjoy solo.


This was a hit the first time I played it with my friends. It's quick to setup and play. Good game for just about all ages and gives lots of ways to win. Might have to institute a time limit per turn for those who have major AP.


Welcome to... checks every box! Affordable, simple rules, non-confrontational play, roll and write, quick, easy to introduce to new players and remains competitive with avid gamers. What is there not to like about this game?? I'd recommend this game to any of my friends.


The best roll and write game. Since all players use the same combinations of cards, nobody can complain about bad rolls. Fast, easy to understand and cute.


We made a 50's playlist on Spotify for when we play this. We have different colored pens for fences, pools, parks, etc. We love this game and I can't wait to get the Halloween Expansion.


Best: 4, 6 Time: 25 Min Weight: 1.84


Gift to Sam 6/18. GCL: https://boardgamegeek.com/listitem/6225237?commentid=8079191#comment8079191


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This is my favorite roll and write and such a great game for new gamers!!


This doesn't replace Railroad Ink for me but it sure scratches a different itch among the roll & write genre. As usual with these types of games, there's accessibility in quick setup and low learning curve. Offers relaxing downtime and benefit of being a less thinky game when you just want to relax after work. The theme is brilliant and I could see lots of replay value because it offers many different routes of strategy.


I have a hard time understanding game rules, but this one was easy to comprehend and play. It took an hour to finish the game while leaning the rules.


I've recognized two things thanks to Welcome To. 1) It gives players a lot more choices than most games in the genre. Head and shoulders above other R&Ws in that regard. I'll happily play it when someone offers. 2) R&Ws just aren't my genre. I think I'm done exploring this fad.


http://meeplelikeus.co.uk/welcome-to-2018/ http://meeplelikeus.co.uk/welcome-to-2018-accessibility-teardown/


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Really cool little game and supports a large player count


Great game that has interesting choices.