Fairy Tale

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Solid drafting game with loads of ways to score. Theme is difficult to sell people on, which is funny because it's completely painted on. Some of the best enabling of hate drafting I've ever seen since you're drafting 5 cards and only playing 3. It can get MEAN.


Played once. Didn't quite get all the card symbols, straight away but enjoyed this all the same.


I'd like to see if some BGG statistician ever analyzes this to see what its rating is for those who have rated M:TG a 7 or more and those who have rated it lower or not at all.


Clever card game. Need to play more.


While the anime theme may be offsetting, it's surprisingly accessible. Once people get the hang of how the game is played, it moves quickly and it ends up being a lot of fun. Good strategy too.


2-5, 20m


A really fast game, alternating rounds of drafting and playing cards to create the most valuable sets. Each card interacts with other cards in different ways, making them more or less valuable, so there is a lot to think about when drafting and even more when you play the cards, since you can't play everything in your hand.


I thought it was a fun card-drafting game. Not bad. Sometimes the anime art really throws me off. Now if someone could retheme it with butterflies or something inoffensive. 2013-09-28 - Sold Fallcon 26


Light card drafting game. I'd play this over 7 Wonders any day since there's more player interaction.


(10/17) 4. I think I may be underrating this game, just didn't fully grasp it I think. Also the art isn't very great.