Antike Duellum

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For a huge fan of Antike, this was extremely interesting in its differences. This is a blast, and a great two-player Euro conflict game. Be forewarned, though--this is a rather noticeable step up in both complexity and length from Antike. It's worth it, though.


Fairly abstract, open information, deterministic civilization game. Build an economy, spread your empire, develop technology, found cities, and dominate the Mediterranean. The action rondel breaks up the flow of what you want to do right now with things you want to do in the future (and perhaps, that you have interest at all in), which makes figuring out what you should do a real challenge. Very strategic, very deep. There is little randomized variability in set-up and play, so it's hard to know if this game will suffer from that, or if that will open a depth of strategies that I might otherwise miss with a bunch of changes happening every game...