Halfway through the 19th century, the first permanent settlements appear in Montana. After this many fortune seekers travel to this region with their caravans in search of work and building a better future for themselves. And there is an abundance of work; in the mountains precious metals are to be found and on the fields a lot of manpower is required. Meanwhile the number of settlements is growing and the demand for goods is rising. Recruit the right workers, deliver goods on time, and choose your settlements tactically.

Montana evolves around three basic actions:

• Recruit workers who can help collect goods which are needed to build new settlements.

• Send your workers to different areass of the city ot collect goods and/or money.

• Deliver goods to an area and build a settlement.

1 Worker Board
4 Player Boards
1 Recruiting Board
12 Landscape Tiles
6 Canteen Markers
1 Starting Tile
1 Starting Player Tile
48 Settlements
49 Coins
4 Contractors
24 Cows
72 Workers
120 Goods
1 Rulebook

MSRP: $61.30Lowest: $50.10

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