Ein Arsch kommt selten allein


This very simple game is another variation on The Great Dalmuti.
Each player receives 10 cards which come in 4 suits (orange and red female + Grey
and brown male).

The rules state whoever is the most miserable goes first. You can perform 1 of 3 actions on a turn. Play a card that is higher than the top card on the discard pile (which ends your turn), Play a pair of same suit cards whose sum is less than the top card (this does not end your turn and you must then take another action) or draw cards from stock. (You must keep drawing till you draw a male and female card. These cards are shown to the other players. This does end your turn.)

Every time you play a pair you skip the next player in turn. If you play 2 pairs you skip the next two players, etc. You can never skip yourself so in a 3-player game if you play 3 pairs, then end your turn by drawing or playing a single card, you then take another turn.

When playing a pair you may place them in any order. When the stock is empty you shuffle the draw pile (except for the top card I would presume) and continue play.

A hand is won when one person is out of cards. He receives the total points left in all other players hands. The rules state that you play for several rounds.


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