Heaven & Ale

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Interesting game, reminded me a bit of castles of burgundy.


A really wonderful—and extremely difficult—puzzle to solve. The core mechanics are simple & straight forward but getting positive points is not straight forward. The production quality isn’t stellar, but it is acceptable. The illustrations are also acceptable. But neither of those things detract from the wonderful puzzle.


Heaven & Ale offers a strangely idiosyncratic challenge. The mechanics are simple enough, but the resulting puzzle is sensationally formidable. Balancing money and resource advancement is delicate, and integrating monks with powerful shed abilities is exacting. So while the theme is no more than veneer, players will take little notice as they will be instead swallowed whole by the carefully woven mechanics and intricate challenge of Heaven & Ale. As a seasoned gamer this is all well and good, but I worry that the unusual nature of this game will turn the more casual gamers away.