Sì, Oscuro Signore! 2: L'alba degli eroi


You go far beyond the oldest place, to serve the Dark Overlord. You faced the worst perils to put your hands on the magician's hat. Now the Genius of Evil has new quests for you, and you'll have to go even beyond, through dimensions, getting new treasures and facing new perils. Maybe even the Death herself.
But the real peril will be to face the Rigor Mortis, if you'll fail another time.

"Sì, Oscuro Signore! 2 - L'alba degli eroi" it's the first expansion for Aye, Dark Overlord! The Red Box also known as "Aye, Dark Overlord", and it'll bring you new cards with places to explore, people to meet and treasures to retrieve. And that's not all... You, the goblins, will have new actions to make even more difficult your fellow party to escape the right Wrath of the Dark Overlord.

Until now, it was only a joke.


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