Alien Artifacts

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It's a reasonably inoffensive multiplayer solitaire tableau-builder, unless and until the completely unfun player versus player combat begins. Then it becomes offensive.


I love tableau/engine builders and I was really excited about this one. Unfortunately, the game feels like it's still a prototype to me. I have faith that just like with 51st State, Portal will improve this game eventually. As is, I'm kind of let down by a few of the games rules and interactions. The game is still pretty good if you want a quick tableau/engine builder.




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Such an elegant representation of 4x. Interesting and complex at four, quick and strategic at two.


Engine builder with brief 1 action turns (a la Ticket to Ride), but medium complexity card text as you build your tableau. Gorgeous production quality and nice materials of the faction boards and pieces. Graphic design is VERY good, art isn't my style, but looks really great. Need to play more, but I like this game and the space colonization theme, though pasted on, is very appealing.


After 9 games it's already replaced Race For the Galaxy. I really, really enjoy it though it's clearly not a 4X game but a clever engine builder. But who cares if it it's fast paced, clever - am I already mentioned it's clever - beautiful and sci-fi themed.