Railroad Ink: Blazing Red

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Probably my favorite roll and write right now. There is no player interaction at all but it is really fun to just try and draw the perfect transit system.


Yet another R&W game; I'd rather just play On Tour.


Played this once and loved the creativity it involves. Also like that there really is no limit to the number of players. Makes want to play this with my son once he grows up a bit (currently 7 months old)


Internal, solitaire Tetris-style roll and write that I think I'd play by myself on an airplane or something. It's a time killer more than it is a game.


I like how no rounds will ever be the same. The only downside is that the game is very reliant on the honor system, so everyone can cheat and get away with it.


Game play is fun. I feel like my creative side comes out a bit since I have to draw and figure out where to place things. But the hard part is trying to not cheat, especially near the end of the game. I keep thinking, "if only I drew the one from the last round here..". But I guess in the end you only minus a few points if your road goes no where..


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