Shadows over Camelot: The Card Game – Merlin & Morgan Promo cards


Two Promo cards are available for the Shadows over Camelot: The Card Game. They came free and were packaged on the outside of the base game.

The first Bonus Card is Morgan card # 8:
The next time a player chooses to Go on a Quest, the Picts and Saxons unite to form a single Quest. When computing the Total Rumor Value of all Quests, add the Rumor Values of all Pict and Saxon cards together. If the Rumors for Picts+Saxons were baseless (10 or less), place a single Black sword on the table; otherwise, place 2 swords (White or Black, depending on the Total Rumor Value of Picts+Saxons), on the Round Table. This makes your noble quest even more difficult by uniting the Picts and Saxons, letting the rumor of this new combined quest grow even faster. But there’s also a greater reward, as you will earn two white swords if you defeat this new combined army.

Note: Mordred adds + 1 to each Pict and each Saxon card; Merlin # 1 cancels both the highest value Pict AND the highest value Saxon card. Merlin # 4 may cancel EITHER the highest value Pict OR the highest value Saxon card (at the player’s choice when he reveals that Merlin).

The second Bonus Card is Merlin card # 6
The player who draws this card may immediately Go on a Quest of his choice and add up to 3 points to the Total Rumor value of that Quest (before revealing any of the cards in the Threats pile, of course!). Merlin can be a powerful ally when you face desperate situations… if he appears at the right time. But all bets are off if a traitor finds this powerful card!


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