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by t2

Christmas gift from Sam, 2017.


Great campaign that really got my wife more into gaming and wanting to play again and again (and other games)


The clear standard of the market seems to be that if you take a pedestrian euro worker-placement game, strip some of its features so as to introduce them piecemeal, make the overall victory conditions opaque, and render the rules difficult to parse because they're scattered over dozens of stickers, you've got a hit.




As a light game of friendly competition, Charterstone excels. There are no grand revelations, but small shifts to the board and cards make every game different. I want to say something about "balance," but in reality it's perhaps the ever-changing landscape that makes many types of players feel like they're repeatedly caught flat footed. Additionally, the piecemeal additions throughout the campaign don't always lend a sense of cohesiveness, leaving some strategies feeling clunky and others nonfunctional. But players who enjoy constantly adapting to new pathways within a relatively simple system (and players who don't take it too seriously) will enjoy Charterstone.


This is a fantastic gaming experience. Fun game with great legacy aspects and fun customization. If the game that is generated after 12 plays is a good game, will bump this up to a 10.


Divertente se preso alla leggera.... ripetitivo.


First Game - 8 Second Game - 6 Onto the 5th game - a solid 7 Finished the campaign. Having got some key rules wrong, which had a direct impact on final scoring, our experience was a bitter / sweet. However, this affected everyone to some extent. Enjoyed the overall way mechanisms are introduced and it was nice spending time gaming with friends. Next time, i think we possibly need to help each other out with rules etc and card distribution as it has such an impact on gameplay. Because there are multiple decisions that can be made, it certainly a game that can be played multiple times. This i look forward too. It is however, no pandemic legacy. The main difference for me, being the story in pandemic vs the mechanisms in charterstone. Both great games.


Interesting one, for now, after 3 games, most fun comes from opening the boxes.


Through 10 plays and I have a lot of problems with this game, so many inconsistencies, so much randomness, and no catch-up mechanic at all. Some might argue that the extra capacity is a catch-up mechanic (it's not) but you can only save what you have at the end and when people get the capacity option filled in on the star side then they get it also, only one player (the winner) doesn't get the extra capacity at the end so that's not really anything to help anyone at the bottom of the scoring, and there's actually punishment (slight spoiler) for the person at the bottom of scoring midway through, so don't be that person or you're screwed for the rest of the campaign! There are so many flaws with this game, I can't wait for it to be over (I finish what I start, so playing through even though I've been hating it since the 3rd or 4th play. Like every other Stegmaier game I like things about it, but ultimately there are more things I don't like.


Anticipated rating: Will update after played


W/ Add-On: Realistic Resources We were really excited to play this game and have been chomping at the bit to keep going. We're now past the halfway point and while a lot of mechanics have been introduced, we keep wanting to go forward. Quite the hit!


I was intrigued by the idea of building your own city by putting stickers on the map from the moment I saw Charterstone's promo. It has a professional design with Stonemaier quality components and the game makes you want to play it over and over again. It is difficult to synchronize the time schedule of the 6 players and thus finish the game. Maybe I would recommend you play it with less people, or players that can meet on a regular basis.


First legacy game we played, was a bit disappointed by the legacy aspect of the game. However if it would have been a plain euro game it would have scored even worse. Besides the legacy aspect this game doesn't bring much new to the table. Overal it was a "okay" experience.


Dream team Tim, Gina and myself. Erica has join the team. Game 1 done. 2 done, 3 done, 4 done (open new lands)