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by lasttruegypsy

Anticipated rating: Will update after played


W/ Add-On:...

by Ethereal87

W/ Add-On: Realistic Resources We were really excited to play this game and have been chomping at the bit to keep going. We're now past the halfway point and while a lot of mechanics have been introduced, we keep wanting to go forward. Quite the hit!


I was intr...

by Ali Plays a Lot

I was intrigued by the idea of building your own city by putting stickers on the map from the moment I saw Charterstone's promo. It has a professional design with Stonemaier quality components and the game makes you want to play it over and over again. It is difficult to synchronize the time schedule of the 6 players and thus finish the game. Maybe I would recommend you play it with less people, or players that can meet on a regular basis.


First lega...

by Gekey

First legacy game we played, was a bit disappointed by the legacy aspect of the game. However if it would have been a plain euro game it would have scored even worse. Besides the legacy aspect this game doesn't bring much new to the table. Overal it was a "okay" experience.


Dream team...

by Kristian Kaufmann

Dream team Tim, Gina and myself. Erica has join the team. Game 1 done. 2 done, 3 done, 4 done (open new lands)