SMG John Company

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This really needs a group willing to commit to multiple plays to explore the space. I say that about all of Cole Wehrle's games, but this one is especially true. Working up to the Full Campaign is like a 6-7 play commitment... Early Company two or three times... Post Monopoly two or three times, then maybe launch into a two or three plays of the full campaign. And then... maybe then... you can actually start to get your arms around what this game has to offer. But this is definitely not a game you can introduce to someone with the intention of playing it only once or twice, and then turn around and play it with a new group of people. If you have a gaming group of 4-5 people who are enthusiastic about this, then I am very jealous. It does have that core weakness of every negotiation game, though: the game is only as good as the least interested person at the table. Trade Condition Notes: Excellent condition