The 16th century marks the beginning of a new age. America is discovered, the spice route to India is established and the exchange of goods in Europe becomes more and more easy. Huge merchant ships are at home on the sea.

Players take the role of the Fuggers, Welsers, Voehlins or Hoechstetters (all powerful families at that time) and try to maximize their income through clever trade with goods and use of their wares-cards. To win the game, you need to benefit from competitors' actions.

From Catalyst Game Labs:
The 16th and 17th Centuries open a new era in trade. The Americas are newly colonized, and large merchant-vessels ply the sea lanes, bringing resources back to a desperate England. Lead one of four emerging families destined to control this swelling market. Be bold, realize the biggest profit!

Every player starts with three Good Cards, two Ship Cards and one Goods Token on each ship corresponding to one of the six Goods Cards in the game: Indigo, Fur, Corn, Lumber, Fish and Cotton. Every turn a player may draw or play various cards. This can change Goods Tokens on player's Ship Cards, the face-up Goods Cards on the playing area, trigger scoring, and so on.

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