TIME Stories: The Marcy Case Expansion

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Too much combat too few puzzles. It's a step down from Asylum, but it still has some memorable moments.


I've played the first round with my wife - two things threw us off with this expansion:1. Art style - this seems more comic book style but honestly some scenarios & items doesn't even seem drawn - they look like pictures that have been photoshoped to look like drawings. I can't even compare to Asylum art style because Asylum is so superior in this aspect it makes impossible to compare IMO. But that is a minor annoyance and doesn't affect gameplay.2. The game punishes you all the time. It's fucking frustrating. The villains start super strong and combat is completely dependent on luck. Two missed rolls? You're dead. In the first turn. The designer must have thought this is fun for some reason. I still love the game, and have to play this expansion through the end to give a more conclusive rating... But I've already played 3 hours of it and I'm not so sure this is going to change.


Played with our gaming group. Game was alright, but very tough to solve and we were less submerged than with the base game. Also, less characters to choose from, so replayability (if any) is even less. Still, quite curious try the other cases.


After playing the first adventure, this was quite the let down.More about blowing shit away than solving cool puzzles..


by paka

Grade given to the story, its good, but not as good as the first one.


I mean, the novelty is gone, and there's just too much combat. During our playthrough, we also missed whatever was necessary to not solve the case via blunt force trial and error. We also have no idea what we missed or how. Unimpressed.


Really was fine, and if I stumble upon the later scenarios, I'd love to play them. But I feel weird playing a game that is more fun for me if we throw out the rule book.


COMPLETED no spoilers here


Lots of combat (with a clunky combat system), some of the cards are a bit hard to follow, and the zombie theme is not really my thing.


Heavier on the dice rolling, comapared to Asylum but that felt right for the theme. Still had a lot of fun playing this scenario. Win condition was a little anti climactic


The 'first' expansion is a lot less puzzle oriented and is more focused on dice rolling and brute strength to finish the campaign. I really like to innovation of Asylum, and I think this one falls short of being innovative like its predecessor. I think this one had a lot of potential, but its release so soon hindered Space Cowboys from hearing what people wanted out of expansions. We REALLY lucked out on solving the case in this one and I think part of it was the lack of emphasis on clue gathering and overwhelming use of combat that this scenario kind of pushes on players.