TIME Stories: The Marcy Case Expansion

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COMPLETED no spoilers here


Lots of combat (with a clunky combat system), some of the cards are a bit hard to follow, and the zombie theme is not really my thing.


Heavier on the dice rolling, comapared to Asylum but that felt right for the theme. Still had a lot of fun playing this scenario. Win condition was a little anti climactic


The 'first' expansion is a lot less puzzle oriented and is more focused on dice rolling and brute strength to finish the campaign. I really like to innovation of Asylum, and I think this one falls short of being innovative like its predecessor. I think this one had a lot of potential, but its release so soon hindered Space Cowboys from hearing what people wanted out of expansions. We REALLY lucked out on solving the case in this one and I think part of it was the lack of emphasis on clue gathering and overwhelming use of combat that this scenario kind of pushes on players.