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Nice filler, although the guessing riddles tend often to be too short.






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One of our well-played titles. This is a family favorite and go to game for teaching muggles.


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Not my type of game. I can see why its loved so many tho.


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Hell of a great party game, really is fun to watch and listen to how people describe their cards... the look into their thought process is great!


This gives me the feeling of Apples to Apples, or Cards against humanity, but what I like better is that scoring is better in this game. Plus I love all the strange artwork that is on every card.


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**** Expansions


The family seems to like it well enough but no one really asks to play it. We'll pull it out once in awhile but that's really about it.


As a game, it is a little less robust than Attribute (which in my mind is its closest competitor). Specifically, it can reward a player making an in-joke or reference when they know only one other person is familiar with it. So, very similar, but inferior, to Attribute.


I love this game. Every play is different from the other. One card has infinite meaning and a lot of interpretation. You get to know better the people who you are play with. Very easy to learn, easy to teach, fun to play. Totally approved.


Interesting concept but can be kind of boring in the end and really make players feel excluded. It's all about using all your inside jokes and what not against the players who don't have any inside jokes with you.


This is a really neat party game. Very light hearted and fun.


The rules refer to the current player being a "story teller". I have never played this game where anything longer than a phrase or sentence was used to describe the card being referenced. This is a light filler that is nice for a group when there's simply not enough time for anything more in-depth. It's great for non-gamers as well, and serves as a nice ambassador to the hobby.


Apples to Apples style game with pictures instead of words but gives more freedom of choices and requires creativity.


I got this game for 3 reasons: 1) deduction, 2) beautiful artwork, and 3) it expands my copy of Mysterium! This game is a great replacement for games like apples to apples and cards against humanity.


Party game, not my sort of thing due to needing to describe or then identify the card. I do understand why it's rated well by others but as far as party games are concerned I'd much rather play Wits & Wagers or Apples to Apples, or even Compatibility.


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some think it replaces Apples to Apples/CAH, but not at all. Those two games are 'totalitarian' in that ONE person chooses the best; Dixit's mechanic is quite different, each player votes on what they think is the player's original


Not as fun as it was when I first got it. Really needs the right group of people. With the right group, it is truly amazing fun.


I played Dixit twice, won twice and hated it twice. I won't say that there is no game in there. But it is not for me. I didn't even like the artwork on the cards.


Best-with-6. A fun party game in the style of Apples To Apples, but with pictures and a lot more creativity. The artwork is fantastic and very fitting for the game. The game can fall flat with the wrong group, however. Most of the time, it's a good time with some good laughs and occasional insights into people's minds. INCLUDED: Dixit Quest Dixit Origins


Every time I play this game, it seems like it goes down a rating. It's an OK game... for the first few times you play it. After that, you basically NEED an expansion to not get bored out of your mind.


Was interesting, prefer Mystirium now as there is a bit more game to it.


Dixit is a very good game for groups and families. Lack of text can be refreshing.


Changing rating to 6.5, as unless your prepared to buy lots of the expansions it begins to feel repetitive. After 3 plays : Rating 7. The wife enjoys this game, so i'm sure it will be get played some more. Watched on table top. Not necessarily a game I would pick to play. As a light filler, could be fun. However, I would imagine it would need the right crowd. Wife liked it so...


http://meeplelikeus.co.uk/dixit/ http://meeplelikeus.co.uk/dixit-accessibility-teardown/


Such a fun different style of game. The art is phenomenal. This game can easily be expanded to include more players as well. We usually play until the draw stack is exhausted and loop back through to the start. I would recommend an expansion or two if you decide to play like we do though.


It is a fine party game, but there are many more games that I would rather play. The game is vulnerable to rewarding inside jokes and can be a little AP inducing when you have to give a clue.


This game gets me out of my comfort zone, which I think is good for me. It's a lot of fun matching the clues to the cards, but being the storyteller can be uncomfortable. It's a great game and I want to play it a lot more.


A higher minded game for the party with good looking art. Could be too high minded. The clue giving requires impressionism


This is a great game to allow creative thinkers (as opposed to just analytical minds) to win a game. Much prefer this scoring mechanic to the Apples to Apples approach.


3-6, 60m


Matching up player-created descriptions of surreal artwork with other surreal artwork. Similar to Apples to Apples, with cool art instead of adjectives, and without as many random (stupid) responses. Scoring means you want to be vague, but not too vague.


Not really my type of game. Fun game with the right group, can be not so fun with the wrong one.


Not super interesting, giving clues is semi-hard/semi-random, guessing is semi-interesting/semi-random. Most things that happen in the game make me say "...oh..ok" and we move on. Definitely not a party game, just a light filler.




I can credit Dixit as the entry point for several of my game playing friends and family. Its accessible, silly, familiar, and the expansions keep it constantly growing. But, it never managed to scratch my gaming itch. I liked to play, but I always wanted to play something more thinky. Also, there just isn't enough hand-circulation and certain cards always manage to plague me until the end. I'd always prefer Mysterium to this.


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Really fun game with the right peeps. But i do not recommend to play this at 3 players. You have to be more than that.