Explorers of the North Sea

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The base game is a bit too lightweight and a touch too short to be fully enjoyed. But Rocks of Ruin add in some vitally needed additional parts to the game, as well as a significant number of additional tiles, resulting in a much more satisfying game.


solo play beat your own score type of solo game. multiplayer kinda light weight pick up and delivery game =) easy to teach and learn as well. feeling end game too soon before really wanna do something. expansion did add extra tiles to make the game longer, but to get the score from expansion offer things used up time too xD strategy need to re-apply according each session hero or tile laying ways, replaybility consider quite good


Love the multiple avenues to victory, and that the tiles are the game timer. Art and theme also are huge for me on this one.


Raiders of the North Sea has some fantastic WP elements, but this is supposed to be closer to multiplayer solitaire. Looking forward to seeing more about this one!