The Manhattan Project

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Solo Game


A race to build nuclear bombs. Sort of worker-placement with a direct conflict mechanic--you can bomb the other players' buildings. Winner can sneak up on you. Many of the bombs are significant VPs, so two bombs is sometimes enough to win the game. And there's no VP track, so it's difficult to keep tabs on other players' progress to know when to do an Air Strike.




SOLD 3.17.17 (ConnCon)


WP with a unique theme


2-5 players 120 minutes


Great Condition


This was the first worker placement game I added to my collection when I first started playing boardgames as a hobby. It's rich with theme and content. I love it for the beautiful artwork, the variability in play and the amount of player interaction. I have the expansion to it plus additional countries (player bonus powers). I think the introduction of rockets wrecks too much of the base game so I leave them out. But pretty much everything else, I include whenever I bring it out to play.


I thought that all of the components of this game were excellent. The board has such a smart design and I love that I can hog the spaces LOL. The only thing I didn't like was how I lost both of the games I played :(


8. Initial rating after a 5 player game. As a euro-gamer at heart, this surprised me with how well it clicked for me. A few more games in and this just gets better. It plays quickly, has great player interaction mechanics and enough strategy without causing permanent brain burn. With the expansions, you can pick and choose, thereby changing the feel of the game. Having played two, 2 player games, this does play differently. There's typically less need for espionage, but can suffer with a run-away leader.