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A great party game.


Rating based on 1st plays with 3 players. Is probably much better with more, but this wll probably not get much playtime so willing to trade this away.


You know this one




Great party game. Played with 4 players.


You really don't need the commercial version to play this game, just a set of cards/tiles with random words or pictures. The presentation is nice though and cheap enough for those who don't want to make a homebrew version by combining cards from another game and one of the many websites or apps that generate spymaster keys.


The most fun I've game with any game with my entire family. This is a huge success and I expect this game will stay in my collection forever.


Amazingly simple premise, but loads of fun! Similar to the classic game Password, but with a spy theme and possibility that you could inadvertently help out the other team. Seriously, if you don't know anything about this game, find out now. Just go play it.


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Easy to teach game but it is easy to get burned out on it for me.


awesome party game. I like the word association in this game and trying to guess or make a clue that ties to multiple words. I feel that it is best with 4 players where there are teams of 2, I don't like discussing with your teammates.


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Best Partygame for groups that dont usually play games. Gets repetitive after 10 or so plays :) But worth until it gets to that point.


What to say? It's a worldwide hit! One of the easiest games to introduce to new players - experienced or not. Rules are dead simple, and the gameplay is great.


I played this at a church game night with five players who I would not consider "gamers". We wound up playing about 10 games in a row until people had to start leaving. Everyone had a blast! I've also played it with my game group (it was a friend's copy) and the three of us that didn't own it, ordered it immediately. This game is fun with just about anyone, definitely one of the first I would reach for to play with non-gamers but I also wouldn't hesitate to bring it out with hardcore hobbyists either.


Fun and inventive. That said, it has some strikes against it: -I don't like team-based games where one person does most of the heavy lifting, and -When it comes to having lots of people, I generally prefer lying to them.


4-8 Best with 6/8


2-8+ 15 min


I used to play password when I was a kid and this game brings back those memories. I like the concept of trying to get your teammates to only guess your words and avoiding the other teams as well as the spy. At the end of the day though this game is just a simple word game. It's not something that I'm going to want to play all that often. I'll probably only bring it out in new or non gamer situations. I'm actually not sure why people rate this so highly. I wouldn't recommend this as a party game at all. It's more of a 2v2 type game in my opinion.


One of the best party games I've played. Easy to learn and everybody has a great time. There's always so much laughter while playing.


This is a fun party game. I'm typically indifferent to games like this, but I actually enjoyed this one (and not just because I liked the people I was playing with).


Extremely accessible and quite fun. Definitely shines at 6 players, but is good at 4. Best played while drinking.


Simple, effective party game.


overall easy to teach and fast game =) let's your imagination and mind fly ~~ but required right peoples to play ... once i play with kids/boys that always play video game ... they use all the video game terms which is quite meh ~~


by Port

This is one of the few games that I can get my family members to play. They all really enjoy it!


Deceptively simple party/word game. So far, nothing but fun had by all.


I am a big Vlaada Chvatil fan and was intrigued by a game that seemed so far out of his wheel house as this little word game. This game is a huge hit with many of our non-gaming family members.


GIFT (Tomi)






En español.


Played with 9 people. Is a great game, good way to start a game night. Very engaging, works so well to bring the group together. Guessing is so much easier than giving clues, but the real joy is watching people fail to get the clues you are giving and then have to sit there quietly and watch your friends having totally different associations and ideas. July 2017 $9.99 HPB Played first at Wolfe’s


Good party game. Like that it requires some thought and planning. Would gladly play again. Stored in Quiver case for portability.


The party game. Full stop.


Infinite replay-ability, good for casual gamers, and good for higher player counts. Great choice for a family friendly party game.


Pretty simple but probably the quintessential party game right now. It can scale to a large amount of players very easily. It provides a large amount of player interaction in larger groups.


A Very interesting team based game that took a couple of play before everyone got the concept. But, when they did this game became just as intense, funny and good as a lot of others. Highly recommend this game as it keeps people involved all the time trying to decipher clues that are so outlandish.


It really does not look like anything exciting but has gone down a treat with everyone I have played it with. Even teens that are not known for their intellectually stimulating endeavors have excelled with this. Might be that it is more a social deduction game than a word game. ------------ Hasn't been brought out for a while. Will give it a go this weekend. It has fallen off my top 10 through lack of recent plays.


Great party game. Fluid team sizes and can accomodate 6-12 easily. The main hitches are having spymasters that are able to give coherent clues in a reasonable amount of time, which is no small feat.


Fun with the right group, but can be a bit underwhelming.


Always a group favorite. Needs a lively group who doesn't suffer from AP.


A truly magnificent game. It can be a tense game if played by two couples or a riot if played by large groups of people. In any case, it is always a fantastic experience. It even has a rare trait: because the fabric it uses is the whole vocabulary of any language, it adds space for incredible creative answers that may turn a game around. And not because of luck, but because of intelligence, talent and creativity.


One of the very best gamer party games. Work in teams, so it doesn't matter how many players you have. Infinitely repeatable, especially if you use cards from different games as the spy names. Fun and laughter. Contains: Codenames: Bonus Pack – Board Gaming (English)


Absolutely fantastic. Just as tough being the spymaster as it is being the spies. This one is always a crowd pleaser and gets everyone talking and laughing.


Fantastic party game that can be enjoyed by gamers and non-gamers alike. The team-based gameplay is excellent; we have family members who will refuse to play almost any other game, but they thoroughly enjoy Codenames and can make valuable contributions to their team.


Great Word Association type of game.


Best: 6, 8 Time: 15 Min Weight: 1.31


An amazing party game. One that I will almost always consider bringing or pulling out if I'm with a group of people who seem like they might even be slightly interested in playing a boardgame. It just does everything right: * It can be taught in less than 5 minutes. * You instantly start feeling the tension of the game. * It satisfies the cravings for people who love over-thinking things. * It creates memorable moments in every game. * And it has the boardgame-y rules that clearly define the bounds of the game (a problem with a lot of party games: "do whatever you want!"). A classic party game from the start. And it's easily expand-able, so it will have a lot of staying power. The only reason I have a couple of points knocked off it's rating (8/10) is because there's ultimately not much here. It's an amazing concept, but in terms of awe-inspiring game mechanism, there's not much beyond just the concept. But it's still great, and exactly what it needs to be IMO. Definitely recommended for anyone who might ever be in a group of people who would be interested in playing a light party game.


Itch: party game If buying: look into Decrypto


12/22/16: ~Hype Detensifies~ 9 to 8. I find myself knowing this game works so well with groups, especially non-gamer ones, but feel that fact jives so well with everyone that we never play anything else. Codenames is like the "Top 40" of contemporary boardgames... 7/24/16: 10 to 9. Lately this game has devolved into a slower experience. Where players sit and wait for far too long for the codemasters to come up with a clue. Setting timers makes a "fun casual" game feel too strict, plus leads to uninspired clues. Still a super accessible game though. 12/20/15:Makes people who typically turn their nose to games become obsessed for hours on end. Enough deduction for veterans to be satisfied, simple enough concept and rules for even the greenest of noobs. Game can be taught in literally seconds, especially if most already know how to play. Nearly infinite replayability. Virtually everyone realizes how big of a hit this game is after only a single game.


Fun with the right groups. Most of my play groups have someone else with a copy, so I did not need to keep one as well.


A now classic party game. Groups shouldn't be afraid to bust out that timer to make the clue giver get a move on!


8.0 / Teams / 15m / 1.39


A fun enough, novel enough party game. However after a dozen plays I have no desire to play it again. Every game feels the same




I can't anymore. The stress of Codenames massively outweighs the potential satisfaction, even when I'm on the winning team. It's not a bad game, but I'm done with it.


A very solid 8 party game.