Objective: Kiev The Advance of Army Group South: June - Aug, 1941 War Board Game


When the Germans launched Operation Barbarossa on 22 June 1941, they faced both their greatest expanse of territory to capture and the greatest concentration of Soviet armor south of the Pripet marsh in Ukraine. Army Group South launched its multi-national forces (Rumanians, Hungarians and Italians) with their principal target defined - Objective: Kiev.

Facing them was the Red Army, weakened from Stalin's recent purges of its officers. Still, the Soviets put together a strong counter-attack early in the campaign, but their advantages in numbers of tanks committed could not overcome the German's superiority of skill at employing their veteran panzer units. The Axis forces advanced relentlessly eastward to the Dnieper River, but as the front kept expanding, the Axis' forces were spread thinner and thinner to cover their front line.

Objective: Kiev is a new historical board game from legendary game designer Frank Chadwick, iterating the classic Battle for Moscow game system used in The Arduous Beginning, combining ease of learning and design elegance with the kind of dramatic gameplay that Frank has long been famous for. Featuring countless opportunities and variations, Objective: Kiev presents an endlessly fascinating series of puzzles and is a game that you're going to want to play again and again.


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