Ticket to Ride: Europe

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The ultimate Ticket to Ride version and just such an amazing game. I think it speaks for itself, as when I got my family to play it they went and bought their own copy and their friends that played with them bought their own copy!


Only TtR that I have played. Great game. I would likely prefer 7 wonders over this for a gateway game.


This game is classic for a reason. Easy mechanics and mild strategy combine to make for a quick, entertaining game. Once you have sorted the longest routes, it becomes pretty obvious which one a particular player is shooting for, but given the incentive to complete multiple routes, defense is a dangerous proposition. Generally good game, although I'm not sure how long it will last as a top choice in our house.


I can certainly see what all the fuss is about with this game, but it's missing that extra something special for me. It's a lot of work to get everything out (the board is huge), shuffle the huge deck of cards just to play a (maybe) slightly above-average game at best. There's nothing keeping me interested while other players are taking their turns. My turn usually only has one obvious choice to make. It feels like this game needs to be sped up in order to enjoy it more.


by 3z

Like new


Definitely better than the original version. Tunnels and ferries make it quite a bit more interesting without adding needless complexity. Parents both love this one as well.


Yeah, this is fun.


Slightly more complex, while at the same time being a bit more forgiving with the stations (though, there are still plenty of screwage opportunities).  Probably a better game than the original.


Set collection


Personally, I prefer this version to the original. When it came to buying ticket to ride though we went for the USA edition. The reason being, is that for me, ticket to ride is primarily a game to be played with non-gamers or as a filler. For that reason alone, we have the USA version.


http://meeplelikeus.co.uk/ticket-to-ride/ http://meeplelikeus.co.uk/ticket-to-ride-europe-accessibility-teardown/


Great for 3-4 players. Easy to teach and fun to play. components are nice and quality all around for the price.


2-5 player (best 4) 45-75 minutes


Adds a little more complexity to the game—we often play this one instead.


Adds a little more complexity to the game—we often play this one instead.


2-5, 60m


Heaps of fun. Has just the right level of difficulty in terms of decisions for me. Mostly played 2 player


Have played it on iOS but it convinced me to trade away my original Ticket to Ride since the Europe version is way better.


This is the game, that'll get ANYONE into boardgames, yet even geeks enjoy it.


by klz

The weakest of the three sets for me. The Stations help people who like lower conflict, and the tunnel rules still confuse a lot of people.


Played it a ton with the family. Family weight game with easy rules and ok components. Would definitely recommend for families that are new to the board game world.


Wow! After 3 plays with 3, I am really enjoying this game. I find it to be more involving than the original. Of course the larger cards help too. 2007-06-15 - Bought


With enough people, it's a really fun game. But it doesn't scale down to 2 players well. The game changes too much into a race then.


A classic game that can act as a gateway drug for non-gamers. Not my go to but when it hits the table, I always enjoy a play.




Nice gateway game. Easy to get what you are supposed to do and easy to play