Ticket To Ride Nordic Countries

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Same as Ticket to Ride, but a tighter map for two and three players. I like Ticket to Ride, but the USA map can get a little old after a while, and I wasn't all that big a fan of Europe and Marklin. This keeps the Ticket to Ride gameplay of USA but makes it tighter for the lower number of players.Still the best gateway game there is. If my gamegroup didn't hate the game so much I would have so many more converts to our hobby, but they rebel when I try to bring this out.


Very nice variation, a little bummer that it's only for 2-3 players, but the mechanics work really nice and it's a lot of fun.


High tension cutthroat map that's superb with 2 or 3.


cut throat version of ticket to ride. It is pretty chaotic with 3 players and I definitely enjoy it more with 2. I love the addition of the tunnels and fairies in this version plus the 9 route train and I love that they didn't make the locomotive op in this version.


I found this game to be just okay. Nothing special.


I love this map. If you normally play 2 or 3 player then you should get this one now that it's had a wider release.


Better than Switzerland


Probably the Ticket to Ride I'd be most inclined to play apart from the original. My unfamiliarity with the locations is going to continue to slow me down unless I play a lot more than I expect to.


A nice tense TTR map for a small number of players. The differences in train carts usage make it both easier and harder than Europe. Also, my wife likes it way more and wins more often :)




Very tight map and it includes purple trains!! Lots of aggression and much better than Switzerland. Would I buy this? Likely not. 2010-10-04 - Bought 2016-07-20 - Rating 7.25 -> 7.5


Nordic Countries is a great version of Ticket to Ride, especially if you play 2 player. The tighter map and new rules make this a great addition to our collection.


Nice gateway game. Easy to get what you are supposed to do and easy to play. This is the version i prefer of the ones i own.