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GAMEPLAY In this game, players are intrepid explorers discovering the revolving, shifting lands of Dokmus. There are eight rounds and rounds are broken into two phases. In the drafting phase, players choose a god to invoke. In the action phase, players can place three of their tent-looking pieces as well as take the god action that they drafted. Each terrain type where you can place a tent represents a different hardship or scoring opportunity. At the end of eight rounds, players tally up VP for being on ruins, being adjacent to temples, having a tent next to a temple on each of the map tiles, having tents next to all temples on one map tile, and having the majority on the score track of sacrifice! THOUGHTS Despite what the box conjures up in your mind, this game is an abstract with a terrible name (I’m sure I’m not alone in calling it Dorkmus) wrapped up in a woo-woo theme. While following the rules of the different terrain types is not all that compelling, the god powers allowing you to shift pieces, or shift or rotate map tiles, take the gameplay to both puzzly heights while also making for more player interaction. Did your opponent mean to wander over to the tile to the north? Now, that tile has been shifted east and good luck getting there. Ruins sparsely sprinkled over the map tiles offer the potential to combo god powers for some really clever turns. All these decisions and foiled plans potentially mean quiet moments as players AP, trying to figure out the best move. Dorkmus doesn’t light my fire but it’ll be a nice, relaxing game to pull down from time to time. The expansion will also help in keeping the game fresh but I might let it go rather than throw more money after the game. PROS -Component quality is solid. -The god powers and the combos available through ruins make the gameplay sing. -Eight rounds is the perfect amount of time: you feel like you accomplished a lot but the game has not overstayed its welcome. -Different ways to score make for variable strategies. NEUTRALS -The art on the god cards reminds me a bit of Dragonball-Z but not enough to bother me. The map tile art is better but nothing extraordinary. In the long run, this is probably best as it makes it easy to tell at a glance what kind of terrain you are looking at. -Need more plays before I turn this into a negative but I worry that Dorkmus will get stale quickly. CONS -Scoring all VP at the end of the game is a big turn off for me. We usually score ruins as we go as well as any temples in the middle of map tiles to alleviate this issue.


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