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Nice game...only complaint is that it goes on a little long. But nice balance between complexity of negotiations and mechanics.


A good negotiation game but you need the right group. And as far as negotiations go, I would much rather play Chinatown. Now if only Chinatown would be reprinted soon. 2008-04-10 - From 6.75 -> 8. I played the second time with 3 and boy was it ever delicious. This was a game that I thought about long after it was played. Very nice though a good set of players is highly recommended. 2009-04-18 - I played again with 5 and I am not sure. I think it is a great game but highly dependent on the group. Should I keep it or should I trade it away? Lately, I've been favouring the shorter, less intense games so this might be a game that goes.... 2009-06-13 - I think it has to go... very dependent on the group dynamic and I've just been wanting to like this game. Actually, this game brings out a mean streak in me. That's not something I want to cultivate. 2008-03-15 - Bought 2009-09-19 - Sold Fallcon 22 2016-09-06 - Bought BGG Marketplace


Great game, a lot of thinking and trading well involved.