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I usually like negotiation games, but this one drags a bit. I was not to high upon the mechanics of this one, though it does have some merit.I think this is eclipsed in my mind by some other, more pure negotiation games that can offer the same amount of fun in the timespan. (read "Princes of the Renaissance").Or if you want the tactical feeling of the tower movement, Look at "Goa". If you want the pure Negotiation Feeling, Look at "I'm the Boss". All of these seem to take the place of this game for me. And there is no reason I would ever want to play this one again.


The ultimate negotiation game. We have had some epic and very memorable sessions of this gem!


This is a euro that has a very original feel. If you're tired of point salads, worker placement and card drafting. This may be for you?


Negotiation games in our group tend to run very long, and Traders of Genoa is no exception. Fun, but a time commitment we often don't want to make.SOLD, November 2014.


Sold November 25, 2018


by paka

Game was quite interesting but somehow it felt as 3 turns to long to me. (Granted, we didn't get any game-shortening dice-throws aswell). Will play again.EDIT. 2nd game didn't have as long lingering period in the end and was diffrent animal.


I was unprepared for how dynamic and fast-moving this game was. It's amazing how the trading superimposes on a neat resource-management game, and the movement of the tower is simply brilliant. Extremely well done. But, of course, it's highly dependent on the people with whom you're playing, and many people simply take too long.


This is your classic euro if there ever was one. Simple rules, a variety of ways to win, and no two games should play out in the same manner. A delightful gaming experience.


Very good negotiation game. A bit on the long side, though.


Nice game...only complaint is that it goes on a little long. But nice balance between complexity of negotiations and mechanics.


A good negotiation game but you need the right group. And as far as negotiations go, I would much rather play Chinatown. Now if only Chinatown would be reprinted soon. 2008-04-10 - From 6.75 -> 8. I played the second time with 3 and boy was it ever delicious. This was a game that I thought about long after it was played. Very nice though a good set of players is highly recommended. 2009-04-18 - I played again with 5 and I am not sure. I think it is a great game but highly dependent on the group. Should I keep it or should I trade it away? Lately, I've been favouring the shorter, less intense games so this might be a game that goes.... 2009-06-13 - I think it has to go... very dependent on the group dynamic and I've just been wanting to like this game. Actually, this game brings out a mean streak in me. That's not something I want to cultivate. 2008-03-15 - Bought 2009-09-19 - Sold Fallcon 22 2016-09-06 - Bought BGG Marketplace


Great game, a lot of thinking and trading well involved.